Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Sea of Shells, Paint & Pearls

 So I wanted to do something unique for a shoot, so I put creativity to work &
came up with a plan to make the origin of Aphrodite come to life.
Goddess of Love, Born from the Sea.

I themed this shoot with the colours blue, turquoise, green & gold.
Aka the colours of the sea, or at least how I imagine them to be.
The making of Aphrodite's crown

Aphrodite's Sea Shell Bra

Step by step process of Ragnarok's work.

The detailing of Aphrodite's golden skirt filled with waves of starfish.

 I am very happy with the outcome of this shoot & all the amazing effort everyone put into it to help me out. 
With money paying for all the outfit supplies I think I dropped a little over $400.00 on this entire shoot, but was it worth it?
 100% I love how well everything fit together & how much support everyone has been giving me from just the one photo that we have released so far. <3
In 2013 I plan on crafting a heck of a lot more than I did in these previous years.
I love how I get to be so creative with my hands & then use these items in shoots, either as a model or as a photographer.
I have always been the creative type, but now it seems I am a little out of control ;)

 This photo shoot was done on October 9, 2012 in chilly 10 degree weather with a slight wind-chill.  
Born from the sea, I emerge as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.
(More photos from shoot coming soon)  
Special thank you to everyone who helped make this concept & shoot a success <3
Crown assembled : Shanna Lynne - Sea Shell Bra: Myself, Nica Stone
Custom Skirt: Lisa-Marie Couture
~ Hand Painted sea shells, sea shell detailing work & beading on the skirt were all done by hand by myself  ~

Custom leather waist clincher: Ragnarok by Justin Watson
Model: Nica Stone
Make-up Artist: Beyond Eden Makeup by Becky Gendron

Hair: Kim Berg, from Bobby Pin Hair Studio

& last but not least, Location & Photographer: Obscure Eye Photography (Charles Finnie)
© 2012-2013 Nica Stone. All Rights Reserved.

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