Saturday, August 4, 2012

What would you like to learn about Nica Stone?

Q & A

Q: Most influential person in your life?
A: Although I have never met this person, she really influenced me as a person & as an Artist!
I know you're all going to laugh, but like every young girl who grew up with Britney Spears, well let's just say she was a HUGE inspiration to me & everything that I do now! :P
When I saw her all I wanted to do was sing & dance!

I was in tap for 1.5 years, loved it, but not the company I danced with.
Aaaaand my voice was not my strong point, so I kinda scratched that idea! -.-
So I decided to make a pack with myself,
that I would either be in front of the camera,
behind the camera or in the "Behind the scenes" production of what went on camera!
And this is what came out of that pack:
I took 3 years of Hair school in High School,
I have been actively Modeling for over 3 years,
I have been a Professional Photographer for almost 3 years ,
I am a Certified Make-up Artist & I have recently started Model Coaching & Talent Scouting!
Now I may still be only known in one city, but I am living out my 11 year old me's dreams.
If I can do this for many more years to come or even until I die, I think I'll be quite content with my life ^.~

Q: If you could have dinner with any 3 people (living or dead) who would they be?
A: This question has been stumping me for a while now,
as I really have no idea who I would like to spend dinner with :P

Q: Favorite colour?
A: My Favorite colour thought out the years has really changed!
As a child I loved yellow, then as a teen & early adult I was memorized by hot pink & black.
But now I catch myself buying everything & anything teal,
even my recently purchased sectional!
But all in all, I am a lover of all Bright & electric colours!

Q: Favorite clothes to lounge around at home in?
A: This is an easy one! Sports bra, tank top, hoodie,
loose fitting lulu lemon pants, socks & slippers.
With my hair in a ponytail of headband!

Q: Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle?
A: I never really followed the show or the turtles,
but considering I have a pair of sias hanging in the front entrance of my apartment,
let's say Raphael. ^.~

Q: Do you like Superman or Batman better?
A: I grew up watching the Batman cartoons, so I am quite the Batman fan,
the new movies are really impressing me too!
but after watching all 10 seasons of Smallville I have taken quite the liking to Superman.
So it's a tough one! Batman for his gadgets & vengeance &
Superman for all his amazing super powers & colourful costume! . . .
Not going to lie, I am more of a Marvel fan :P

Q: Are you any good at First Person Shooter Video Games?
A: I absolutely suck at them. I end up jumping,
or screaming when someone starts shooting at me!
I have played a few, non tickle my fancy!
That & I always end up dying almost immediately! :P

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: Married, hopefully & possibly starting a family. But I tend to over think things.
 So as long are I have something substantial to stand for at the age of 30,
I will be very content, as for the business side of things. . . 
 I would really love to continue doing what I do now,
 minus needing a p/t job in case slow seasons sneak up on me.
To continue Modeling, Model Coaching, (& Photography) with the side Hair & make-up clients.
 That would really be amazing to be able to do as my career.
I don't know if I really see myself going global or anything,
but even to be known around Alberta & British Columbia would be quite rewarding!

Q: Favorite American baseball team?
A: Oh Sweetie, I'm Canadian & I'm not much of a sports fan.
first team that even comes to mind is New York something. . . :P

Q: Favorite cartoon growing up?
A: Well this is easy, I grew wp watching Spider-Man cartoons.
The ones with Madame Web & the Blackcat. That was such an amazing series!
If I ever see DVD copies of it, I'll probably buy it & NEVER leave my couch. :P

 Q: Favorite pizza topping.
A: As a kid I always loved Hawaiian pizza,
but there is something about BBQ Chicken
that just gets my taste buds begging for more.

Q: If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
A: The greed, lies & deception we have in this world.
If people took the time to be kind & honest to one another,
this world would be a completely different world to live in.
I heard that all the donations we make to Red Cross didn't even make it to the Slave Lake victims,
the only charity help they received was salvation Army.
How do you get thousands of people to donate money & then keep that for yourself.
They are so many people willing to do good in this world,
yet there are all these people standing in the way of this world becoming a better place.

Q: How do you stay true to yourself & take direction?
A: Well for one I do not model nudes, Which is something I never want to do!
(Just for personal reasons, it is not something I am comfortable displaying to the world)
For another I am self represented, so everything I do, paid or not, I choose to do!
No one else is there pushing me to do something that is against my morals or that would make me feel uncomfortable.
Another, I don't put up with peoples sh*t, if someone is rude to me, I will tell someone & I will choose not work with them again!
In this industry there are some people that just don't get along or work well together!

Direction is easy for me to take, you just have to have an open mind,

 be willing to try new things & take criticism without getting upset.

Q: Who is your favourite photographer?
A: Hmm let's see . . .
I have worked with over 30 different photographers & modeled in over 75 shoots!
But there are a few photographers that I have kept in close contact with & work with as much as I can!
Just For You Photography is a good friend & my favorite photog. to do high fashion, glamour shoots with.
Matchbox Photography is a great photog. to work with if you are attracted to intense shadow play & darker concepts.
Second Sight Studio are a great duo to work with if you are looking for a main stream & classic feel.
And there are still so many other photographers I have worked with.
Each meet a different need & look for me.
which is why I suppose, I can't pick just one!

Q: If you ever wonder or want to learn things about your fans?
If yes, what would you like to know?
A: I guess I would like to know why my fans, ARE my fans?
What makes my fans follow my work & support my dreams?

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?
A: Most of you many think that my favorite Super Hero is my doppelganger Wonder Woman,
but in fact she is NOT!
I grew up watching the Spider-Man cartoons & it was my favorite Super Hero series.
Then in one episode Felicia Hardy turned into the Blackcat & I had met my match!
With my love for cats & my natural blonde hair, she had become my favorite Super Hero!

& Yes I am aware she was created using the same super human formula that created Captain America! ^.~

Q: How do you find time for yourself with all that you do?
A: Sometimes I don't! I have worked 30 days straight before, without a day off.
But luckily 4 evenings every week I make
& eat dinner with my BF
& spend about 6 hours just watching movies.
I think without those mini mental breaks, I would be a complete nutcase.
I tend to only get about 5 hours of sleep. So sometimes my "chill time" turns into "nap time."
Even right now, my shoot is running late, so I am answering my Q & A questions. ^.~

Q: Do you want kids, if so how many?
A: I can't really see myself being one of those people who NEVER has a family!
I think family is very important, even if they like to fight with you sometimes.
So I would say yes, I'm just not ready for any children yet.
Perhaps in a few years.
As for how many, my dad said never to let them out number you. . .

I think more than one, but no more than three. (I don't want a circus of children haha).
But only time will tell, they say once you have your own child,

the experience can change everything.

Q: What age do you think you'll settle down?
A: I kinda already think I have settled down & I really hope I'm done searching for "the one!"
I have been in a serious relationship for over a year now
& Avery has been nothing but supportive & a huge help with everything I do.
Our "how we met" story is actually quite funny, but I won't go into too much detail. :P
We actually met on set of Cara Albo's "Beg For More" music video filmed February 2011.
There were 5 of us girls & we were dressed as 40's saloon girls ha ha. It was memorable.
Anyways ever since Avery & I became friends & turned into something more,

it has been nothing short of a Fairy Tale! <3

Q: Who's mutant powers would you want if you could choose 2?
A: I would love to have Nightcrawlers ability of transportation.
I always book my day so full, that I barely leave time to get from point A to Point B
& teleportation would defiantly take care of that problem :P
& for my second mutant power I would choose. . .

Q: Have you ever considered being a mentor to someone who's trying to do what you do?
A: I have & that is exactly why I started offering my 1 on 1 model coaching program & courses.
I see that there are many young women who need the extra help
to properly understand the modeling world
& need a few tips & tricks to help them become their very best!
But unfortunately I cannot offer my time to someone for free,
as I have ben burned before for helping others without charge.

Q: What is your favorite type of clothing?
(Designer or brand names)
A: Contrary to most models, I don't follow many designers.
All the ones I normally wear are either from Winners or are from local designers.
I do quite like Sweet Carousel Corsetry & Bordello Shoes. . .

Q: What's the most physically demanding or draining thing you're ever done?
A: Well let's just say weather is not something that is a variable to me.
I have modeled in a lake that was only 10 degrees & it took my hand 45 minutes to warm up after.
I have modeled in the middle of winter & modeled while laying on snow.
Honestly this industry in itself is quite draining.
All the weird hours, organizing & coordinating schedules & finding all the perfect pieces for each shoot.
But mentally draining.
I have modeled for 8 hours straight & even that wasn't too much.

I think my most physically exhausting day was taking a stab at acting for a day, over 8 hours on set
& having to remember lines, while doing everything else, that was tiring

Q: Who would you like to meet & work with in the business?
I have recently really started to admire Ophelia Overdose &
I would love to work with & learn from her. Her work is absolutely amazing.
Every image, every piece of clothing, every little detail is absolutely breathtaking.

Q: If you had the opportunity to make 100+k in a year on a job that was OK, but not very fulfilling besides the money. But it meant sacrificing a major modeling gig that would advance your career & prestige in that field, would you take the job or the gig?
A: This is a hard question to answer,
but for any of you who know me know that I would rather be jobless than work at a job that I hate.
I think I would take the fulfilling gig that helped open doors to my dreams & future,

rather than sit on a pile of money wishing I did more with my life. . .

Q: When did you want to be a model?
A: First when I was 11 years old!
I went to a model scouting at the West Inn & was turned down.
No one ever really pushed me or asked me if I wanted to pursue modeling.
Then Junior high hit & I got lost in the mayhem of growing up

& had a ton of struggles that lasted over a decade of my life.
Finally one day I woke up & started to clean myself up & want more out of my life.
Then in a 2 month span in 2009 (Age 22) I had 3 artists wanting to photograph me for their portfolios.
After that slight taste of modeling I was hooked & decided to make a decision that has effected me since!

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