Sunday, August 2, 2015

Suicune - Gijinka Pokemon Progress

Concept character. One of the Pokemon Legendary Beasts Trio, Suicune. 

Very first concept drawing, 

Pauldrons were the first pieces to be made. Had to test this Worbla thing out. . . 1st Painting test. 

Getting there. 

Next was pattering & cutting everything out. 

Make sure the headpiece looks good! 

Make sure the boot pieces fit!!!

Next was poly filla.

Then layers & layers of Gesso.

& of course a few layers of base painting. 

On to gradient painting.

Next some high gloss spray! 

Headpiece is done!!!!!! :D 

Now for fur on the armour! 
Gotta see how the colour looks first! ;) 

Now to glue it on! 

Now for the bodysuit progress! :D 

It's looking so goooood so far!!!!!
Now to add strapping to everything.

And attach the cape! 

Add small details! 

Final outcome!!!!!!!! O.O 
Suicune Lives!!!!! 

All armour is made from Worbla, mostly based off of patterns by Kamui Cosplay
Headpiece is made from craft foam 
Bodysuit is made of jersey 
Purple faux fur from Marshalls 
Boots, belt & wig bought

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY Arcade Miss Fortune Boots

I know how hard it can be to put together custom pieces for Cosplays, 
so I wanted to put together a step by step "how to" 
Hope it helps! :) 

First I needed to hunt down the perfect pair of wedge boots. 
Turned out they were on sale :D 

Next I added 2 coats of purple fabric spray paint.

Next I added a light layer of pale navy blue, 
I didn't cover the whole boots with this, 
I kinda did it light and patchy to create a duo colour tone to the boots.

Then I taped & bagged off the entire top of the boots CAREFULLY, 
with plastic bags & painters tape. 

Next I removed the tape, 
& touched up (painted by hand) any parts that the tape removed. 

The bottom colour paint didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it to, 
so by hand I painted over that colour with a colour I custom mixed 
& applied about two layers.

Then sealed it off with Mod Podge high shine sealant spray. 

Next I added hand painted ribbon, 
painted with the same custom pink paint I mixed 
& glue gunned the ribbon onto the boots by the zippers 
(just not too close, stay away from inside the boot seam lines, 
or you can wreck your zipper, as I almost did) ;) 

They're looking good so far :D 

Then I had a decision. . . 
Which custom painted ribbons to glue on to the fronts? 

So I let Facebook & Instagram decide.

Social media votes came in & the thicker ribbons won. 
& here you have my finished Arcade Miss Fortune boots! 

I think my budget was about $85 for these. 
I would have spend a bit more, but I had some of the paints, 
sealant spray & ribbon already. 

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