Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY Arcade Miss Fortune Boots

I know how hard it can be to put together custom pieces for Cosplays, 
so I wanted to put together a step by step "how to" 
Hope it helps! :) 

First I needed to hunt down the perfect pair of wedge boots. 
Turned out they were on sale :D 

Next I added 2 coats of purple fabric spray paint.

Next I added a light layer of pale navy blue, 
I didn't cover the whole boots with this, 
I kinda did it light and patchy to create a duo colour tone to the boots.

Then I taped & bagged off the entire top of the boots CAREFULLY, 
with plastic bags & painters tape. 

Next I removed the tape, 
& touched up (painted by hand) any parts that the tape removed. 

The bottom colour paint didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it to, 
so by hand I painted over that colour with a colour I custom mixed 
& applied about two layers.

Then sealed it off with Mod Podge high shine sealant spray. 

Next I added hand painted ribbon, 
painted with the same custom pink paint I mixed 
& glue gunned the ribbon onto the boots by the zippers 
(just not too close, stay away from inside the boot seam lines, 
or you can wreck your zipper, as I almost did) ;) 

They're looking good so far :D 

Then I had a decision. . . 
Which custom painted ribbons to glue on to the fronts? 

So I let Facebook & Instagram decide.

Social media votes came in & the thicker ribbons won. 
& here you have my finished Arcade Miss Fortune boots! 

I think my budget was about $85 for these. 
I would have spend a bit more, but I had some of the paints, 
sealant spray & ribbon already. 

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