Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to The Circus

Welcome to Fortune & Fame.
Where your bound to be entertained.
Will you even remember your own name.
You will have no one but yourself to blame.
The Big Top is finally here!
Featuring acts from around the world!
The Ringleader/Lion Tamer played by Nica Stone
The Contortionist played by Courtney Owen
The Lion played by Dakota Lightning


Welcome to our Circus

Do you feel Entertained?

She'll whip you into Shape


This Shoot was in the works for over ONE FULL YEAR!
It took a very long time to coordinate every ones time & to plan out the designing
& making of all the designers pieces & time!
& I am ever so pleased with the results we all created.
The colour, the concept & the creativity.

There were a total of NINE different artists/individuals involved in this concept photo shoot!
(Whom are listed below)
& then there were even a few more individuals that had a little part in all of this!
The whip was borrow from my dear friend Shanna-Lynne & my boots from Sanctuary, my Bra, my skirts, my tights, Courtney's shoes & Dakota's entire outfit all came from somewhere or someone.

Just to give the simple reminder & a HUGE thanks. . .
there is NEVER really just a Photographer & a Model involved in each shoot!
Everything has to be borrow, bought & made!

Wow I could not have asked for a better collection of artists to work with for this shoot!
Truly amazing & truly one of a kind additions to my portfolio!
 So Thank you to everyone, for their effort & hard work, it really does show
& there is NO WAY I could have done this shoot without each & every one of you! 

<3 Nica


Special Thanks to:

Photographer: Just For You Photography -
Beaky Veasey 

Models: Courtney Owen, Dakota Lightning & Nica Stone 

 Nica's MUA: In your Face Makeup Artistry by Ashly McKessock

Nica's Hair: Morning Star Beauty 

Top Hat designer: Headcase Hats - Sarah Deen

Ring Leader Jacket designer: Lisa-Marie Couture 

Custom Under bust designer: Sweet Carousel Coursetry

Unitard designer: Shelley Klinger 

Date: September 15, 2011 

Location: Edmonton, AB

© Nica Stone

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