Friday, December 30, 2011

My Nerdy Obsession

Let's just say I have a bit of a problem. . .

Ever Wonder?
Super Adjustment
Wonder Woman
Mario for Movember
Justice League Mugs
Spiderman VS The Vulture

My name is Nica Stone & I am addicted to EVERYTHING comic book & video game related! The colours, the stories, the characters, the design, the costumes. . . EVERYTHING!
I have & collect movies, TV series, shirts, games, encyclopedias, coffee mugs, hats, belt buckles, custom made corsets, photo shoots & even my Logos. . . Yes both my modeling logos are designed to resemble images & characters from Marvel & DC Comics.

I am a Tomboy, a Woman & a Nerd!

As some of you know I am also a Photographer, under the alias Shoot or be shot Photography. Many of my Photography concepts have been based off of comic book & video game characters or simply have memorabilia of them included in the shoot! I have even done a photo shoot inside of a Comic Book store :P (Haha it was awesome)

I don't think I mentioned that I only have one Tattoo. . . it is of the Helix symbol. . . it was shown in the TV series Heroes & it sits on my right shoulder blade.

Forgot To Save The World
The Traveling Toad
The Bomb
The Villain Inside Me
Books Of Knowledge
May-Jane Watson  & Spiderman
Nerd Rage
The Power Of Will
Don't Control Me
Mountain Greens
Tomb Raider
So now that you all have proof of how insanely nerdy I am, what are we going to do about it, other than enjoy my growth as an artist?
I can't help but be inspired by the work of generations of artist that dare to inspire the youth & individuals who need hope through the battles & dark days in life! Wouldn't it be a day to celebrate if Super Heroes were in fact real & we all had someone to call to when we needed help?

Until then we have these make believe charades to inspire our daily lives & make us strive to before more than just. . . ordinary.

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