Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I decided to ask my fans: What style of person do you see me as?

“I feel like I'm a slightly alternative chick w/ a mad love for anything nerd!”

-Answer Honestly

Trista: Beautiful but you already know that... I think your a classy girl... with a bit of sassy... strong willed. Go getter!

Mike: I think your a huge geek and kind of a bad ass

Kelly: I was just going to say huge geek :p

Chris: Kind hearted with a touch of nerd.

Michael: I would say definitely alternative, not way out there but enough
to keep things interesting. Oh and drop dead gorgeous ;) lol

Jesse: I would say your style would be reference to a rainbow...A mixture of few things to make something breath taking... definitively a wow factor!

Alan: A dedicated, hard working, kind hearted beautiful nerd (HUGE NERD)!!!! LOL

Nica Stone: Awe you guys rock! I love every one of those answers

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