Sunday, November 20, 2011

The only thing fake a girl should wear is her smile.

As a model I like to try the latest fads & fashion styles out!

In grade 12 (age 18) I decided to get weave in extensions,
they looked great & blended well, but the Cornrows
(in which the extensions are sown into)
were much too tight & with my fine hair it made it look thin.
Once they grew out the cornrows become very inchy & irritating.

Years later (age 21) I decide to try wearing them with clips sown on.
I worn then like that a couple times.
Then when I was 23 & had been modeling for a year,
I was advised to wear extensions during photo shoots,
so I started to wear my "clip in" extensions,
but only during shoots
as I find they are took high maintenance to wear on a day to day basis.

In the spam of 7 years I have had fake nails 3 times!
Once to try them out in 2006 & then I have got them the past 2 summers in a row,
when I am in high demand for modeling!
So I like to do that lil extra for all my gigs! I do enjoy acrylic nails w/ a gel overlay!
But they can make things like daily tasks more difficult.
They do also weaken your natural nails,
so make sure to take care of your nails once the faux nails are removed.

I recently decided to try the local new fad of "eyelash extensions" they look beautiful,
you wake up looking like a model should.
But once & a while one of the end lashes lift & poke your eyelid,
this feels like a pin is pricking you (this is very uncomfortable to say the least) when they lift you are in need of a "touch-up job" which means making an appointment &
running over to the salon! After only 3 weeks my lashes started becoming extremely annoying
& a couple days later after a nice warm shower I noticed my lashes were uncomfortable & coming off! (taking many of my own lashes with them)
"why today of all days, when I work & don't have time to run to the salon does this happen"
& of course being me, I don't like to wait to have something fixed
if it means being uncomfortable for hours on end!
So I doused my eye lashes in oil
(the salon specifically warned me that oil would make them come unglued them)
gradually they came off after over an hour of working at them.
I don't think I will be getting another set of "Eyelash Extensions"
anytime soon! They look great, but aren't worth the hassle!
Faux eyelashes for photo shoots on the other hand. . .
Those will still be used on a regular shoot to shoot basis!
Look good with no side effects!

I used to have dry skin & then I came across this amazing thing called "tanning" it's true my natural skin tone is classic ivory
& I am now more of a natural beige skin tone!
I don't think I would enjoy tanning so much if I didn't help my skin to become healthy!
Of course there is such thing as too dark!

Did you know I am naturally a dirty blonde?
Well it's true I am! I have been colouring my hair since I went into hair school (age 15)
& I have had jet black hair for the last 4 years!
But that might be slightly changing very soon!
I am a fan of colouring my hair!
It helps me display my personality through the colour of my hair!
I just wish it wasn't so time consuming & costly to do so!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

<3 Nica Stone


  1. I love your hair dark!!!!! It totally brings out your eyes!! But I also have an obsession with dark hair!

  2. Aw thanks sweeetie!
    I might be adding some white blonde in it soon! ^.~

  3. All I can say is "Thank God" I'm a male Nica. I prefer brunettes as well thou. More mysterious and way more sexy! :p