Friday, November 11, 2011

Murder She Wrote - for 18+ eyes only -

It's dark & ugly & graphic & unflattering & exactly as it should be.

She doesn't see the knife.

This story starts out just like an old 60's movie;
Where the College Boyfriend turns out to be Serial Killer. . .
& takes thrill in making his present day Girlfriend into his next victim.

Look out behind you!

The victims of the story never seem to look behind themselves. . .
Leaving them vulnerable & kill-able.

No one can hear you scream 
The Killer has his victim chained to an old feeble chair in an old
& abandoned barn!

The look of fear
This particular photo creeped the photographer right out
& made me cry a little.

That look in my eyes, is the genuine look of fear!
No acting required for this shoot

Save yourself
Taking away the killers sight makes him unsure of where his knife is pointed!
This defense tactic,
may end up saving your life!

Killers Revealed
Finally a chance to see our killers face!
He doesn't look as terrifying anymore does he?

Special Thanks to:
Photographer: Brian Podruzny (POD)
Photographer's Assistant: Tasha Halldorson
Behind the Scenes/Secondary Photographer: Zach Cherkaoui
& My Co-Model: Avery Knarr

This was a very different style of shoot for me.
It is the very first
& most amazing addition to my
"Dark Creations" folder of my Modeling Portfolio.

We were trying to re-create an old 60's college movie,
where the Boyfriend takes joy in making his Girlfriend his victim in his "Letterman" Jacket.

I was told that we would be using a dummy knife,
but when I got to on location. . .
there was a real, sharp, metal knife to be used as our prop.
I kinda have a fear of knives & have since I accidentally hurt myself at the young age of 7.

So there was a lot of trust & "Keeping it together" needed for this shoot.
I ended up actually shedding a few tears out of a legit fear
during this shoot.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this shoot,
the artists involved were amazing,
I did my own hair & make-up
(Morning Star Beauty - Hair Styling & Make-up Artistry)
& we just happened to find the perfect fitting dress at Value Village.

<3 Nica Stone

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