Monday, November 7, 2011

The key to my clear skin!

People are always shocked by the clear skin that I always seem to have!
I rarely wear ANY make-up to hide my imperfections or blemishes.

It's because I rarely have anything to hide 
& It's not very complicated to achieve!

But my clear skin does come without a cost. . .

I have to take care of my skin EVERYDAY!

Australian Gold: Body Kisses is my After Tan lotion
& the ONLY lotion that has touched my face in over 4 years

Irish Spring Soap & Garnier Skin Naturals - Pure
are what I clean my face with when I wash my face in the shower
Twice each, Soap, rinse, Pure, rinse, Soap, rinse, Pure, rinse
& after my shower I lotion my face TWICE

Every Night I wash my face with Oxy Sensitive Foaming Daily Facial Cleanser
(rinse & moisturize)
If I wore make-up that day, I use Oxy Sensitive Medicated Acne Pads
(sometimes I use 2 pads, rinse & moisturize)

*These 2 products do contain alcohol, so be careful when cleaning around your eyes*

For Minor blemishes (Just a few here & there)
I use Oxy: Cover Up Formula to conceal any blemishes I want to hide,
But If I am not going out or I am just about to go to bed (& have no need to conceal)
I use Oxy: Acne Vanishing Treatment

*You will notice all the Oxy products I use have a Teal label! (For Sensitive Skin)
Teal has the least amount of Alcohol,
but there is a colour for every skin type, so make sure to read the labels.*

for severe breakouts (That just won't go away, & stay for longer than a few days)
I use Proactiv Solution: Combination Therapy

*But make sure to only use these products once a day,
2 days in a row,
as your skin can get addicted to it if it is used too many days in a row!*

I also thought I would share the types of Make-up I use on my skin!
The Brands I use are:
Revlon: Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
Annabelle: SkinTrue for cover-ups
Covergirl: Clean - Sensitive Skin Foundation
Physicians Formula: Matte Finishing Veil & Mineral face Powder to set my look
_ _ _

I use all these products combined with Tanning in a Tanning Bed
Summer I only tan about once a week
During the colder months of Fall, Winter & Spring (if it's cold) I tan about every second day!

My Skin type is Very Sensitive, very dry & irritable!
Basically everything that touches my skin has to be hypoallergenic 

or mild so as to not cause my skin to react...

yet I very rarely have skin problems if I use all these products 
& take care of my skin!

I hope having a peak into my day to day life helped a little bit!

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